Circuit Scout is aimed at providing the Electrical Engineering community a way of searching for circuit designs on the internet. Circuit Scout provides very highly targeted results by reviewing the content that is available for search. We do not rely on blind web crawlers to find our content which typically leads to a high volume of "junk" links that are not even relevant.


In 1993, the Electrical Engineering Circuits Archive was born as a hobby project of Jerry Russell at the University of Washington. The site is still maintained by the University although it is quite outdated now. This site had not been updated for many years, yet still is one of the highest accessed resources at the University by page views. Looking to achieve a resource that was as valuable and easy to use, the idea came about to provide a search engine that only had electrical and electronic circuits or links related to building circuits. Circuit Scout was formally launched in January, 2006.

The Search Engine

Circuit Scout utilizes the Nutch search engine which is built on top of Lucene. Both are active projects of the Apache Software Foundation and are released to the public under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

Link Removal

The ability for the Circuit Scout search engine to get information about a web page is completely in the control of the web page author. Web page authors need to update their site to indicate that it is not suitable for crawling. The Robot Exclusion Standard was set up to help you control access to your documents on the web. Please refer to http://robotstxt.org for more information.


If you would like to contact the team at Circuit Scout for any reason, send an email to:


An attempt is made to respond to every email received. Questions about how to help are appreciated, but complaints will also be accepted. :)